Welcome to the EMD group

Electrochemical materials and devices are widely employed in advanced technologies ranging from chemical sensors to batteries, fuel cells and photoelectrochemical solar cells. They are essential for monitoring the environment and making the grand transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Our group studies electrochemical materials – especially semiconducting metal oxides – and develops new devices for solar energy conversion and storage. Due to the intermittency of the sunlight, converting solar power to electrical power – as in photovoltaic devices – is not enough. One has to go another step further and store excess power produced during peak sunshine hours for later use at night (load leveling). Our solution to this challenge employs photoelectrochemical cells that split water – using solar energy – into oxygen and hydrogen. The latter can be used directly as a clean fuel (e.g., for fuel cells) or converted to synthetic liquid fuels via CO2 hydrogenation. This provides a promising path for large scale production of clean synthetic fuels, so-called solar fuels, from renewable sources. For more information on our research, go to the RESEARCH page.