Administrative Staff

Picture of Miri Weiss

Miri Weiss

Administrative Assistant

Senior Researchers

Picture of Dr. Alex Mehlman

Dr. Alex Mehlman

Lab manager (2009-2020)
Picture of Dr. Hen Dotan

Dr. Hen Dotan

PhD thesis (2015): α-Fe2O3 photoelectrodes for solar-induced water splitting
Picture of Prof. Daniel Grave

Prof. Daniel Grave

Senior lecturer at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Picture of Dr. Shimon Saraf

Dr. Shimon Saraf

Senior researcher (2008 - 2016)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Picture of Dr. Kirtiman Deo Malviya

Dr. Kirtiman Deo Malviya

Postdoctoral researcher at L'Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
Picture of Dr. Barbara Scherrer

Dr. Barbara Scherrer

Technical Consultant and Innovation at KoinaSoft
Picture of Prof. Dino Klotz

Prof. Dino Klotz

Assistant Professor at International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER), Kyushu University
Picture of Prof. Gideon Segev

Prof. Gideon Segev

Senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University
Picture of Dr. Tracey Vincent

Dr. Tracey Vincent

Postdoctoral fellow (2009-2010)

PhD Students

Picture of Anton Tsyganok

Anton Tsyganok

PhD thesis (2022): Water photo-oxidation reaction mechanism on hematite (α-Fe2O3) photoanodes.
Picture of Yifat Piekner

Yifat Piekner

PhD thesis (2021): Light-matter interaction in photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical solar water splitting
Picture of Dr. Avigail Landman

Dr. Avigail Landman

PhD thesis (2020): Decoupled water splitting in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical systems
Picture of Dr. Asaf Kay

Dr. Asaf Kay

PhD thesis (2019): Iron oxide (a- Fe2O3) thin film photoelectrodes for water splitting
Picture of Dr. Natav Yatom

Dr. Natav Yatom

PhD thesis (2019): A combined experimental and theoretical investigation of iron-oxide photoelectrodes for water splitting
Picture of Dr. Hen Dotan

Dr. Hen Dotan

PhD thesis (2015): α-Fe2O3 photoelectrodes for solar-induced water splitting
Picture of Dr. Roy Pinhassi

Dr. Roy Pinhassi

PhD thesis (2015): Engineering of a Green System for the Production of Photocurrent and Hydrogen through Photosynthesis
Picture of Dr. Miri Markovich

Dr. Miri Markovich

PhD thesis (2013): Growth, Characterization and Investigation of the Transport Properties of SrTio3 Epilayers and pn Junctions
Picture of Dr. Osnat Landau

Dr. Osnat Landau

Phd Thesis (2013): Nanostructured Titanium Oxide Gas Sensors Produced by Electrospinning
Picture of Dr. Guy Ankonina

Dr. Guy Ankonina

Phd Thesis (2012): Electronic Transport and Gas Sensing Properties of Polycrystalline Titanium Oxide Thin Films with Tailored Microstructures Obtained by Laser Processing

MSc Students

Picture of Ilya Slobodkin

Ilya Slobodkin

MSc thesis (2022, summa cum laude): Continuous membraneless decoupled water electrolysis
Picture of Yossi Halpern

Yossi Halpern

MSc thesis (2022): Nickel-Boron-based Electrodes for Electrochemical -Thermally-Activated Chemical (E-TAC) Water Splitting
Picture of Noya Haik

Noya Haik

MSc thesis (2021): Nickel hydroxide electrodes for water splitting
Picture of Hadar Mor

Hadar Mor

M.Sc. Student (2019)
Picture of Rawan Halabi

Rawan Halabi

M.Sc. Student (2019)
Picture of Irina Dumchin

Irina Dumchin

M.Sc. Thesis (2015): Growth and Characterization of Nb Doped SrTiO3 Epilayers
Picture of Moran Koren Gross

Moran Koren Gross

M.Sc. Thesis (2015, cum laude): The Influence of Gold Nanoparticles on the Optical and Photoelectrochemical Properties of Iron Oxide (alfa-Fe203) Photoanodes for Water Splitting
Picture of Oshri Blank

Oshri Blank

M.Sc Thesis (2015, summa cum laude): Cu2O Thin Film Solar Cells
Picture of Timna Orland-Revach

Timna Orland-Revach

M.Sc. Thesis (2015): alpha-Fe2O3 Photoelectrodes for Solar-Induced Water Splitting
Picture of Dahvyd Wing

Dahvyd Wing

M.Sc. Thesis (2014): Selection and Optimization of Transparent Conducting Oxides for Electrodes in Polymer Solar Cells
Picture of Michal Sakajio

Michal Sakajio

M.Sc. Thesis (2014): Metal Oxide Cathodes for High Temprature Electrolysis of CO2 for Solar Fuel Production
Picture of Itai Kamienchick

Itai Kamienchick

M.Sc. Thesis (2013): Nanostructured Sn02 Gas Sensors
Picture of Elad Sharlin

Elad Sharlin

M.Sc. Thesis (2012, summa cum laude): Thermodynamic Stability of Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for Water Splitting
Picture of Hanna Kuperman-Benedik

Hanna Kuperman-Benedik

M.Sc. Thesis (2011): Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of Strontium Ferrite Thin Films
Picture of Roman Rechter

Roman Rechter

M.Sc. Thesis (2011): Growth and Characterization of the SrTiO3 -Based Thin Films
Picture of Tammy Cohn

Tammy Cohn

M.Sc. Thesis (2011): Pulsed Laser Deposition of Nb-doped SrTiO3 Transperent Electrodes
Picture of Ziv Arzi

Ziv Arzi

M.Sc. Student


BSc Students

Picture of Coral Cohen

Coral Cohen

Undergraduate student
Picture of Hadass Inbar

Hadass Inbar

Bsc student
Picture of Johanna Sklar

Johanna Sklar

Undergraduate student
Picture of Mor Figenboim

Mor Figenboim

Bsc student
Picture of Neta Gal

Neta Gal

Undergraduate student
Picture of Nir Menasherov

Nir Menasherov

Undergraduate student
Picture of Sean Dvir

Sean Dvir

Undergraduate student
Picture of Yanay Tovi

Yanay Tovi

Undergraduate student